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The most flexibility

You're saving for a short-term goal like a vacation, or you're just starting to save and don't have a lot to invest.

  • Try the Earn More Savings Account*

A balance of flexibility and returns

You're saving for a mid-term goal like a house, but you might need your money sooner than planned.

  • Try the Flex30GIC*; or
  • Try the Flex40GIC*

The highest potential return

You're working towards a longer-term goal like retirement, and want some of the upside potential of the market without the risk.

  • Try a Market-Linked GIC*

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  • Great rates of return
  • Can be held in your registered savings account
  • Can be held as a non-registered account for easier access
  • Deposits are insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario**

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We believe our credit union is about more than just profits.
It’s about helping our Members achieve more in their lives, building communities, and providing simple, efficient financial services. We inveset in our communities through philanthropic initiatives, grants and sponsorships. We call it the DUgood difference

Barb and Ron
Members since 1999

“Our DUCA branch manager helped us buy a building we couldn’t have bought otherwise.”

Employee since 2009

“I helped Habitat for Humanity build a house and it was so rewarding!”

Member since 2015

“After my divorce I was feeling overwhelmed managing my cash flow.”



* DUCA market-linked GICs and Flex GICs require a minimum deposit of $500. The Earn More Savings Account has no minimum deposit or balance.
** For non-registered deposits, up to $100,000. For registered deposits, such as RRSPs and TFSAs, there is no maximum limit.